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114th Pair of 2014. 8-14-14

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Origin Story Sneak Peek #1

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From Howard Kremer’s new album - Summah This Summah That.
Go visit Schlitterbahn Waterparks and ride the Verruckt even though Howard won’t!
And buy Summah This Summah That on

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In these contemporary times, sometimes it’s important to just be an adult. With an Adult Contemporary chart! Right? Right??? Yeah.

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Get Doug with these high-charting electronic tunes!

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Two Charted #Tunes

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Today’s playlist is ready for your earholes - enjoy, my lovely Chartists! Enjoy!

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Here’s today’s Two Charted playlist! Courtesy of Howie Michael Motorcycle!

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Today we bring you heat-seekers in our chart playlist!

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